The Mind Game Mastery Podcast

Episode #1 Mindful Monday Body Awareness Excercise

This is the first Mindful Monday episode where we focus on a Mindfulness exercise designed to increase mental and physical awareness allowing you to help achieve or keep the state of peak performance.

Episode #2 What is Mental Toughness

In episode #2 we discuss what mental toughness is and I offer tips on steps you can take to increase the toughness of your team or yourself as an individual.


Episode #3 What’s Your “Story”?

In episode #3 we discuss how the story we tell ourselves about the situation we’re in impacts both our performance and our overall enjoyment of the experience.

Episode #4 Candle Flame Meditation

In Episode #4 we discuss another Mindful Monday exercise. This exercise is designed to help those who are just starting out with mental training and meditation to make the transition a little easier.

Episode #5 Transferring Performance

In Episode #5 we look at what might be preventing an athlete from transferring their practice mechanics into competition.

Episode #6 Confidence vs. Presence

In episode 6 we discuss the difference between confidence and presence and which produces optimal performance.

Episode #7 Mindful Driving

In episode #7 we look at another Mindful Monday exercise with the practice of mindful driving.

Episode #8 Emotional Indicator 

In Episode 8 we look at how we can use our emotions as an indicator to where we are presently focused allowing us to reconnect to the space of peak performance.

Episode #9 Breath Counting

Episode #9 is another Mindful Monday exercise where we use counting the breath as the anchor to the present moment and as a means to develop our ability to stay present and allow ourselves to enter the state of peak performance.