The 6 Pillars of Peak Performance

Discover the secret to what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential and 6 tools that can help you maximize your performance. This presentation¬†dives into the aspects of the mind that limit us both on the athletic field and in our life. In addition I provide information that will not only transform your ability to perform physically but allow you to learn and master skills much more efficiently, experience less stress and frustration, and gain more enjoyment out of your sport, work, and life.

Goal Setting For Success

In this presentation I discuss how typical goal setting actually decreases the likelihood of achievement and how you and your team can set goals that allow them to achieve the results they desire. In addition you will learn how you and your team can set goals that will allow each one of you to stay in the state of peak performance and be less effected by the ups and downs of sport and life.

Mind Game Mastery

In this presentation we look at how the daily events in our sport or in our lives impact our ability to consistently perform to our highest capacity. We also discover daily tools and strategies you and your team can utilize to set yourselves up to consistently perform at your peak. We dive into proven techniques that will allow you or your team to be less effected by rigors of the competitive world and to keep you in a state of peak performance.