Private Hitting Instruction

Ryan’s approach to private instruction is unique in that it is the only development program that truly combines both mental and physical development. With over 15 years of experience as both a Hitting Coach and Mental Conditioning Coach he is able to accurately provide each individual with exactly what they need to consistently perform to their highest capacity. He draws upon his expertise in both biomechanics and mental development to allow his athletes to maximize their development. His techniques:

  • Increase Power
  • Improve Consistency
  • Reduce Strikeouts
  • Increase Walks
  • Eliminate Performance Anxiety/Fear of Failure
  • Improve Confidence
  • Develop an Approach at the Plate
  • Reduce Mechanical Breakdown
  • Increase Mechanical Repeatability
  • Help Deal With Failure

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $150

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Baseball Development Class

Where: TBD

Class Size: 10 players/class

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $40/player

What to expect?

The Baseball Development Class is a process oriented approach to hitter development that enhances the performance of the entire athlete. In order for a hitter to realize their potential they can’t merely focus on mechanical development. Great hitters have achieved mastery over the three different elements of hitting (Mechanics, Mental/Emotional, and Approach). This is the first development program of it’s kind to focus on all three aspects of player development.

Participants of the class will gain an understanding of how the mind impacts performance, how mechanics produce power and consistency, and how a athlete’s approach can increase the likelihood of success. Athletes will be given tools that they can use to clear the mental/emotional resistance that can limit performance (ie: performance anxiety, focus in pressure situations, unwanted thoughts, low self confidence, etc.). In addition athletes will learn what the proper mechanics are, why they are important, and how they help generate more power and consistency.  Finally, athletes will learn how to set up their approach at the plate or on the field which will give them the best chance to succeed.

 Player Development

In order to maximize the development of the athletes we focus on three areas of development:


  • All movement begins in the mind and without the right mental skills it becomes C2uR1qBUAAAKHvR.jpg-largeimpossible to create consistent success.
  • Mental clutter, stress, frustration, anger, disappointment, doubt, fear, pressure, ego,
    all contribute to a player’s inability to consistently execute proper mechanics which limits overall performance.
  • Athletes will be given the tools to increase focus, eliminate mental clutter, and increase mechanical repeatability.


  • CQCi8RcVAAEG1cSThe mechanical philosophy is based on physics, biomechanics, and the natural physiology of the body. This mechanical development allows players to increase power production, consistency, and increase mechanical repeatability allowing the athlete to maximize the body’s potential.
  • The mechanics of the swing should coincide with the mental skills developed and the approach at the plate. In addition to creating more power and consistency there needs to be a level of simplicity which allows for consistent execution. Athletes will learn how to maximize their physical potential while at the same time eliminating physical complexity that might inhibit swing repeatability.


  • Hitters will learn how to take back control over their at bats. With the pitcher CQha5VkUwAA_2QWhaving the ball hitters are left feeling defensive, trying to figure out what the
    pitcher is going to throw and where. This creates uncertainty that leads to inconsistent performance. A sound approach helps to eliminate this uncertainty and give the hitter more confidence during the at-bat.
  • Athletes will develop an approach that will help them maximize their strengths, increase their focus, put more balls in play hard, draw more walks, decrease strikeouts, and increase pitch recognition.
  • Approach development will help hitters pick up on pitching tendencies and allow them to be more prepared for each at bat.

Wisdom_Eli“Ryan Dambach’s mental training has allowed me to remain focused and present not only on the baseball field, but in life as well. I would highly recommend his peak performance training to any athlete looking to gain an extra edge and raise their game to the next level!” -Eli Wisdom, Pacific University

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