Vitality Fitness Class

If you suffer from back or joint pain, are an aging athlete looking to turn back the clock, want to recover from workouts, or want to experience peak physical performance in your chosen sport or activity this is the class for you! Ryan uses a unique set of exercises called ELDOA’s designed by Dr. Guy Voyer a French Osteopath.

After a lifetime of intense physical training  Ryan began to practice these techniques under Dr. Kenny Dobbs D.C. and they were a complete game changer. In addition to eliminating severed hip and low back pain created by his career as an athlete Ryan began to feel as though he turned back the clock on his athletically. He now feels better and more athletic than he did 20 years prior. These exercises have caused him to reevaluate how he trains his body today and how he would have done things differently in the past. He has no doubt that had he included these in his training he would have been better athletically, recovered faster, and avoided some of the over use injuries caused by over training and repetitive skill practice for his sport.

Regardless if you’re an elite level athlete or someone suffering from back pain from sitting behind a desk this class can help you feel better, perform better and gain more enjoyment out of the activities in your life. Ryan’s Vitality Fitness Class will help you…

  • Improve Spinal Health, Alignment, and Function
  • Increase Mobility
  • Decrease Band and Joint Pain
  • Enhance Athleticism
  • Increase Proprioceptive Awareness


  • Saturdays 9am-10am
  • Thrive Community Wellness, 23436 Madero, Suite 200, Mission Viejo, Ca 92691
  • 10/class
  • Cost $20/person
  • All Fitness Levels Welcome

“Ryan Dambach is my go to mindset expert!!! His strategies keep me resilient to stress and engaged with the most important people in my life. I think everyone needs Ryan Dambach on their team to help stay the course in today’s chaotic and overwhelming world of distraction.” -Brad Davidson- Performance Coach, Speaker, & Author of “Stark Naked: The 21 Day Metabolic Reset”

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